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Once upon a time there was a tribe living on an island surrounded by an ocean. It had not occurred to anyone to long to get away from the self-sufficient island until one of the islanders became curious and started exploring the surroundings of the island first by sailing on a log and then on a raft made of logs. However, he did not dare to go far with the raft either.

Then he got the idea of asking others to help him. Together they built a much bigger raft and dared to sail further and further. While they were sailing on the ocean, they naturally encountered many dangerous situations of which all of them did not survive.

After returning from their voyages the survivors told the other islanders about their experiences.  Gradually the number of those interested in travelling grew. They build bigger and bigger rafts and soon also sailing boats. They also learned to charter routes which were safer for sailing than unchartered waters.

CS Care&Share

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