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Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) Motivation Analysis

What is particularly important to you? What do you want to be? You get answers to these and many other questions related to making choices and decisions when you do your Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP), which is based on your psychological basic needs, intrinsic motives.

The RMP is the result of long-term research on motivation in which American professor of psychology Steven Reiss investigated on what actually motivates human beings. Reiss’s severe liver illness in the mid-1990s had aroused his interest in motivation research as it had made him reflect on his own values in life. After Reiss had recovered from his illness and found out to his surprise how little research had been done in his own field, psychological research, on the personality traits of normal healthy people, he decided to devote himself to researching values, motives, and motivation.

The RMP can be compared to our fingerprints as it is unique to each individual. It tells how the most important intrinsic motives define our personalities. The RMP helps for example parents to understand their children’s needs and behavior, couples to understand each other better, student counsellors and sports coaches in their work, employers to motivate their staff, and anyone to become more satisfied with their lives.

RMP Team Coaching
In addition to the personal motivation analysis, the RMP is utilized extensively also in team coaching both in sports and business life. The knowledge of motivation profiles has been proven to improve the performance of both individual team members and the whole team.

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For an inquiry for an RMP Motivation Profile from CS Care & Share, please call or send an email message. Contact information on the other RMP Masters is available from the website of RMP Nordic Oy.

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