"For our minds everything is in the present moment, the past, the present, and the future." 

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Very few paths provide this kind of explicit guidance:

When we look ahead, we notice new paths which we fail to see if we keep looking at the ground. The treasure map helps in discovering the direction onwards especially at the moments when it is needed most.

Treasure MapTM is a trademark-protected method for those who are interested in making changes in their lives. You learn to use dreams as the tools in the change process. A guarantee is given of learning the method when you take part in a Treasure Map coaching event. 

The Treasure Map make your dreams come true! method has been developed by Kristiina Harju, CEO of Fakta & Fiktio Oy. For more information, see:


For inquiries and requests for quotations for Treasure Map Coaching for individuals and small groups in Kuopio and the areas near Kuopio, please
contact CS Care & Share.

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